Get Up and Running Quickly!
The CTI-HSIF-PCI Software Library provides a "plug-and-play" software interface to the Acuity AR4000 laser distance sensor and PCI High-Speed Interface Card, so you can concentrate on your application functionality, rather than on hardware interfacing or data collection details.
Note: Users of the ISA or PC104 High-Speed Interface Card should use the CTI-HSIF Library instead.

Rapid Prototyping!
Install the software, then use Excel to acquire and analyze sensor data immediately. No programming required!

Your Choice of Languages!
Develop in C, C++ or [on Windows] Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications. The same features are supported by all languages - you make the choice!

Easy to Use!
The numerous sample programs, the simple, intuitive, english-like application programming interface (API), supported by the extensive Programmers's Guide permits the rapid development of applications to acquire sensor data without being concerned with the complexities of serial communications, interrupt handling, or hardware interfacing issues.

All models of the AR4000 sensor family, and the full AR4000 command set, are supported.

The Visual Basic® code sample below illustrates how only a few lines of code are required to acquire and display range data from the sensor (error handling omitted for clarity).

  Dim rc As Long, numRead as Long, i as Long
  Dim samples(1000) As Double

  Dim mySensor As CTI_HSIF_PCI      'Declare an HSIF sensor variable

  Set mySensor = New CTI_HSIF_PCI	'Create new instance of the HSIF sensor class

  mySensor.setCommOpen("COM1", 9600)  'Set serial port and baud rate

  mySensor.setSamplesPerSec(500) 'Set 500 samples per second

  mySensor.setMotorPower(100)    'Set motor power

  mySensor.setLaserOn()          'Turn on the laser

  numRead = mySensor.getHSIFSamples(samples, 100)  'Read 100 range samples
  For i = 1 To numRead
    MsgBox "Sample" + Str(i) + " = " + Str(samples(i)), vbInformation
  Next i

Numerous other code samples are available in our Code Sample library.

For further information, please consult the FAQ list, or the library's datasheet.

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Programmer's Guide
The complete Programmer's Guide and Reference Manual may be downloaded here (PDF 500KB)

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